The beginning -site under construction

Welcome to my website. My first idea was to create a blog, but after some consideration I thought it would be suitable with both a website and a blog. I have been working with rock carvings in Scandinavia for some years, so I want to share my experience with others. The intention is to create a website loaded with information, which include some different aspects of the research of rock carvings.

This is my first attempt to create a website, and I just realized that it really takes a lot of time, from creation of the site, to the resize of pictures -so they can be uploaded to the site, without using too much space.

Anyhow I hope you will appreciate my site, even though it is still under construction!



4 thoughts on “The beginning -site under construction

    • Thank you so much! This website + the software wordpress is quite new to me, but I will definitely try to find out if I can create a notification-system 🙂

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