During the work with my Masters thesis, I did some 3D-models with a method called photogrammetry. The software that I used is PhotoModeler Scanner, and the developer of the programme also label the program as photogrammetric scanning. Please visit: for information about the software, or on: You can learn more about photogrammetry on “Documentation – photogrammetry”. Some of the results of my 3D-models have been animated and the resulta can be seen here:


Massleberg, northern part of Bohuslän, Sweden

Solberg, southern part of Østfold, Norway

The shoemaker from Backa Brastad, southern part of Bohuslän, Sweden

Finntorp T-184:1, Tanum, Bohuslän, Sweden



A summary of my Masters thesis is available in english, and can be downloaded here:

English resumee _Dokumentation af helleristninger Mette Rabitz


The complete thesis is only available in danish, and can be downloaded here:

Dokumentation af helleristninger Mette Tarp Rabitz Rev02

In the future, I will translate in into english 🙂



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