Just can not get enough of rock carvings, next stop is the westcoast -Tanum

After two months in Norrköping we finished the work. It has been such a fantastic experience to see many new carvings, learn about the motives at the eastcoast, and spend the days with sweet colleaques. It is going to be a little empty without them, since we spent so many hours at the rocks together.


Recently, the suitcase was packed once again. -And now I am at the westcoast in Tanum. I have been participating in the documentation of rock carvings in the world-heritage area, which is arranged by Tanums Hällristningsmuseum. Beside the fieldwork there were a lot of interesting lectures and discussions. Now I am heading towards west Norway, and perhaps I will look at some carvings on my way 🙂


Beatiful light in the afternoon, at Bro in Tanum (photo: Mette Rabitz)

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