Photogrammetry also known as stereo-photogrammetry is a way to create 3D-models of objects, for instance a rock carving, or the whole rock it self.

Compared with other methods such as rubbing and tracing, which only presents the carvings in two dimensions: width and length, photogrammetry will also add a third dimension -depth. With this third dimension it is possible to document differences in levels, which could be topography of the whole rock, or the depth of the carvings. The result are dependent on the photogrammetric software used.There are a lot of free softwares, which creates an OK overall-view of a 3D-model, but if the wish is to study the carvings really close, it may be better to choose one of the more expensive softwares like PhotoModeler Scanner or Topcon. During my masters thesis, I used the canadian software from EOS “PhotoModeler Scanner” which made it possible to study the carvings down to mm-size. It was possible to study the pecking technique. You can find links to the programme in the menu, “links”.

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