Just can not get enough of rock carvings, next stop is the westcoast -Tanum

After two months in Norrköping we finished the work. It has been such a fantastic experience to see many new carvings, learn about the motives at the eastcoast, and spend the days with sweet colleaques. It is going to be a little empty without them, since we spent so many hours at the rocks together.


Recently, the suitcase was packed once again. -And now I am at the westcoast in Tanum. I have been participating in the documentation of rock carvings in the world-heritage area, which is arranged by Tanums Hällristningsmuseum. Beside the fieldwork there were a lot of interesting lectures and discussions. Now I am heading towards west Norway, and perhaps I will look at some carvings on my way 🙂


Beatiful light in the afternoon, at Bro in Tanum (photo: Mette Rabitz)

Now you can download my masters thesis :)

Now an english summary is available for download. The complete thesis is also available for download, but at the moment it is only available in danish. Hopefully it will be translated into english in the future. Both PDF-files are available in the menu “Projects – MA thesis”. At the same site, you can also have a look at the animations of four of my 3D-models, which was created with photogrammetry. I will soon update the site “photogrammetry”, so you can get knowledge about the method, but you can also read a thorough description of the method in the thesis + other digital methods as laserscanning, white-light scanning, RTI and Structure from Motion.



This is the cover of my thesis. It is a small part of my favorite panel: “the shoemaker from Backa Brastad” (Brastad 1). In fact this panel was object to possibly the oldest documentation in the world, of rock art. This early documentation was created in 1627 by Peder Alfsøn. You may read more about this and other things in my thesis (photo: Mette Rabitz).


It has been a while, since my last post. The time runs so fast, every day takes the other! If it was possible, I would wish the day had more hours! Time runs so fast, and I am also busy with some articles about digital documentation and photogrammetry, and preparation for a coming lecture. But I am definitely not complaining! It is nice to have something to do, and being outside all day, and experience a lot of interesting stuff 🙂

Recently, we worked with Sven Gunnar Broström and Kenneth Ihrestam. We cleaned the panels, and they documented it, with the tracing method. For a thorough description of the method, take a look at the menu documentation – tracing, which has been updated! 

I also got to try the tracing method 🙂