Teaching future archaeologist

Some weeks ago, I got an opportunity to teach future archaeologists from University of Copenhagen in documentation of rock carvings. I started with a lecture about digital documentation of rock carvings. The lecture was followed some weeks later, with a practical lesson, which took place at “The land of legends” in Lejre near Roskilde, Denmark. It is an experimental centre with artificially created villages from different periods of the prehistory. A lot of experiments are taking place in the centre, in order to create an explanation and understanding of the prehistory. The centre also include three boulders with artificial rock carvings, which have been “carved” with modern drilling tools. So my teaching in documentation was not optimal, since the situation was not realistic. -The students were not able to get knowledge of the feeling of real carvings, but they got an impression of how to document with the rubbing-method.


(Photo: Sabine Karg)

After the demonstration of the method, my intention was to let the students try to do a rubbing, but it started to rain 🙁 So we went inside, and I gave a small lecture about the rubbing-method instead.


(Photo: Sabine Karg)

The beginning -site under construction

Welcome to my website. My first idea was to create a blog, but after some consideration I thought it would be suitable with both a website and a blog. I have been working with rock carvings in Scandinavia for some years, so I want to share my experience with others. The intention is to create a website loaded with information, which include some different aspects of the research of rock carvings.

This is my first attempt to create a website, and I just realized that it really takes a lot of time, from creation of the site, to the resize of pictures -so they can be uploaded to the site, without using too much space.

Anyhow I hope you will appreciate my site, even though it is still under construction!